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Full Chef Set Jacket Apron Hat Pants Towel  + Tools +

Embroidery on Jacket & Hat


TELL US  what size , color for apron and hat, and NAME to embroider

example  Set for kid who wears size 10, apron and hat in black and name is Chef Mike


The Best selling Item from CHEFSKIN on Amazon


CHEFSKIN Full Chef Set


Available in all sizes


1  Baby Toddler  (fits 12-36 month olds)


2  Kids XS   (fits 3-5 yr olds)


3   Kids SM   (fits 5-6 yr olds)


4   Kids REG   (fits kids 6-8 yr old)


5   Kids XL    (fits kids 8-10 yr old)


6   Kids XXL   (fits kids 10-12 yr old)


7   Teen-Adult XS  Fits Teens up to size Adult S



Set Include:


Chef Jacket     unisex  covered buttons High Quality  always WHITE

Chef Apron       available in 20 colors  adjustable pocket Beautiful colors

Chef Hat            can be white or any color or matching apron, your choice

Chef Pants        baggy pants in black or houndstooth, elastic waist

Towel                   handy towel to hang from pants or apron

Measuring Cups    similar to those in the picture, basic start set


Plus  here on chefskin  2 free gifts to complete the Chef Set


Choose  size,  then color for apron hat and pants

If you want you can ADD embroidery on1 item like apron or hat or jacket or on 2 items or 3, your choice


Embroidery: You can choose any color for the name

and there is only 2 choices for the name the best styles for chef are: 1. Elegant Script  or  2.  BLOCK


We have been selling this item for over 20 years and from the feedback we get, we know it is THE BEST GIFT a kid can have it is encouraging, nice professional, and really puts the kid on a different mind set, they will want to help in the kitchen, they will want to learn new stuff and act professional, 


It also makes a winning Halloween costume and perfect for school or for a Birthday Gift, it is truly a gift they wont forget


Shipping takes 3-4 day anywhere in the Continental US

Full Chef Set Jacket Apron Hat Pants Towel + Tools + Embroidery on Jacket & hat

$63.50 Regular Price
$31.75Sale Price
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