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Beautiful Comfortable Ultra Light Barber Coat



  • Anti-Static Fabric, 5 mm carbon grid, 62 inch.
  • 3.0 ounces/square yard Machine Washable,Extremely Low Pill and Lint-Free.
  • Static Decay Time in Seconds: 0.01.
  • Fabric is light, carbon grid does not show clearly since it is similar in color in navy and dark blue colors.
  • 99% microdenier polyester 1% carbon fiber Made in USA


Excellent for Clean Rooms, Doctors, Labs, Barbers, Cosmetologists, Groomers, Beauticians, Hair-Dressers, Stylists, etc


Available in Ultra Light Nylon, Medium weight Nylon, and 65/35 Poplin like a shirt with various degrees of protection against hair and water, please see description below, also available in more than 20 different colors.




FABRIC:        100% NYLON 



FEEL:            SOFT feels Like a Shirt 

COMFORT:    Very Comfortable, Light, Soft

COOLNESS FACTOR:         good for Shops with AC

WATER PROOF:              

WATER RESISTANT:        Medium 50%

WATER REPELLENT:       yes 100%

HAIR PROOF:                   99% Closed weave 




Fabrics made in USA, from one of the best mills and finishers left in the country, Assembled in Mexico to the highest standards.


Reinforced at Stress Points

3 Large pockets

Strong Reliable Zipper

Ultra light fabrics

Some with DWR durable water resistant coats , water and hair proof.

Some made with 65/35 PolyCotton Poplin ( like a shirt) comfortable and excellent for hot weather.

Some made with 100% Nylon , like plastic for full protection.



Please choose your size based on chest measurements


XS Extra Small 40 inches chest all around underarms

SM SMALL 44 inches chest

REG REGULAR 50 inches chest

XL EXTRA LARGE 54 inches chest

2X XXL 60 inches chest

3X XXXL 66 inches chest

4X XXXXL 70 inches chest

6X 6X 74 inches chest

8X 8X 80 inches chest all around underarms




AVAILABLE IN Big & Tall Sizes: 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X

Our sizes are TRUE SIZE for comfort

MAXIMA Barrier Coat- Healthcare Lab Doctor

$69.50 Regular Price
$38.92Sale Price
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